Welcome to the MyPFXAdmin project site.

This script is designed to make your life easier with Postfix. This script is based on the Postfix+Courier-IMAP+MySQL for multiple domains HOWTO that was setup by Kirby Menzel and Lucas Peet. Their method works really well, and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to make other persons lives much easier on setting theirs setup up.

Right now, this script is very basic, and only allows the addition of domains, aliases, and users. However, it will eventually allow editing of said domains, aliases, and users. A set of userland scripts so you can setup your users to make e-mail addresses and the such and have them be tied to their accounts. Eventually, I hope to have an entire install script that will assist you in setting up Postfix using the method above, and get everything working painlessly. Who knows if that will ever happen though.

I am releasing this to the OS community because I feel that software is best enhanced by the people that use it. I would really love everyones suggestions, and modifications they make, so we can make this better for everyone that may, or is thinking about using this.

Current Release: 0.70 (1-12-2003)

This new release has a page for users to be able to change their password. It also works to conform to a few mail RFC's by automatically adding postmaster addresses on creation of a domain. It also allows for easier creation of catchall addresses as every new account that is created also has an alias that points to itself

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